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You can build a profitable coworking business, without burning out you or your team.
I will show you how. 

Hi, I'm Iris

Coworking is complex. You don't have to build your business alone.

I’ve been operating coworking spaces for the past 14 years. Along the way, I’ve opened 7 spaces, managed 11 locations across 7 regions, tansitioned 2 brands through acquisition, hired 46 community managers, served thousands of members, co-founded 3 industry oganizations and supported countless operators in running their coworking spaces.


I've poured my extensive and unique experience building this industry into my signature processes. Through my coaching programs, I can help you plan, launch, grow and scale your impactful coworking space and grow an engaged team while avoiding the biggest pitfall solo coworking operators face: burnout. 

Don't build your coworking business alone, grab some time on my calendar today, and let's make your business goals a reality!

What My Clients Say

Iris literally invented the wheel when it comes to coworking business management and leadership. This makes her incredibly strong for any startup culture or growing organization. She has a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to team dynamics and to help identify and resolve any challenges. Iris is a life force when it comes to building organizations, teams and brands. She brings her big heart and intellect to the table, and gives 200%. I lean on Iris as a coach for any leadership challenge and she always offers insightful ideas and solutions. She would be an asset to any dynamic, future focused organization. And If you are opening or growing a coworking business of any size, or need staff development, you must hire Iris!”

Amy Margaret King


Good Coworking

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Contact me if you're ready to focus on alignment over hustle and build a vibrant workplace community, without burning out.

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch shortly.

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